Pro Trader Chatter

| August 18, 2017 1:41pm
Market starting to fade. Wouldn't it be something if market closes flat or negative on the day Bannon gets the boot?
| August 18, 2017 11:54am
Oil surged on Bannon being out as he is anti-global trade which hurts growth. Crazy move.
| August 18, 2017 11:50am
Bannon out means Cohn will stay and Trump backing down from his nutty statements. Very bullish for the stock market.
| August 18, 2017 11:38am
Dollar & market making a comeback after news Steve Bannon on his way out. Supposedly will moderate Trump's hawkish views.
| August 18, 2017 11:00am
Bought some $LB after bullish bottom yesterday. Grabbed on the dip here. Check out my live verified trade. Stock already inching up.
| August 18, 2017 10:36am
$JCP Low hanging fruit here, imo.. Extremely oversold for a quick trade at least.
| August 18, 2017 10:26am
Dove this am into the trade alerts pool for the 1st time: even though the water feels cold, the tips are hot.
| August 18, 2017 10:19am
Buyers stepping up strongly to buy the dip this morning. However, be careful into the weekend. Investors may want to dump late today.
| August 18, 2017 8:59am
$DE drops on earnings. It and $CAT both had major bearish flag setups earlier this week. Chart clearly signaling big money was exiting.
| August 18, 2017 8:50am
$FL massive drop, major support at $35.00. Will be looking to buy there.