Apex Elite Investing Society

Keys To The Service

  • Exclusive society mentored by Gareth Soloway, Ben Pool, and Dr. B.
  • Actionable, exclusive alerts covering day, swing and long-term trades.
  • Analysis on stocks, ETFs, crypto, and commodities usually reserved for institutions.
  • Interactive platform for chart sharing and questions.
  • Experience a week of trading at the VI Florida office annually, exclusive to society members. Please note: Accommodation is self-arranged.
  • Exclusive perks after one year of membership.

Discover The Service

The Apex Elite Investing Society is the highest level of personalized investing and trading offered by Master Trader Gareth Soloway and his head traders Benjamin Pool and Dr. B. This society is a collective of incredible brain power, knowledge, trades and analysis that will bring society members to a whole new level of success. This is a limited, exclusive society, capped by Gareth to make sure members get the focus and attention they desire.

The Apex Elite Investing Society is meant as a two way street for members and the pro traders to communicate. Posts within the society will be done whenever the head traders are available and looking at charts or data. This even includes nights and weekends.

Members of the Apex Trading Society can post charts, ask questions and are encouraged to contribute quality for the good of the society. When available, Gareth, Ben and Dr. B will respond to questions and give insights.

After one year of membership, members gain access to one week pass (valued at $5,000) to come onto the live trading floor and trade in person with Master Trader Gareth Soloway and head traders Benjamin Pool and Dr. B.

In addition, after a year of being part of this society and completing certain requirements, each member will get the Apex Trading Society badge. This badge comes with special perks that will be revealed over time. Perks likely to include exclusive meetups, proprietary information, access to new courses not for sale and more!

  • Real Time Chart Alerts Posted
  • Major Support/Resistance Actionable Levels
  • Two Way Communication between Society Members And Traders
  • Major News/Events Analysis
  • Economic Chart Analysis
  • Education On Charting, Psychology & Discipline, Position Management
  • Factors For Each Trade Level Revealed
  • Ability For Members To Post Charts, Contribute, Ask Questions
  • Swing Trade, Day Trade, Long Term Analysis
  • Limited To 100 Society Members in Year 1
  • After 1 Year Of Membership, Elite Badge, Free Access To Live Trading Floor & More!

Note: Day trade Charts/Alerts will not be posted during the Apex Live Trading Room morning session. Response times by Gareth, Ben and Dr. B will vary based on factors like sleep, family obligations and work responsibilities.

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