About Us: Live Swing Trades, Pro Trader Verified Track Records

Verified Investing is an average investor brainchild, created because these same investors were frustrated with shady gurus and pro traders who claimed to make millions but never seemed to have real stats that backed it up. Verified Investing is trying to reform the financial industry through transparency and an ethical business model where members ONLY reward a Pro Trader with a few Dollars IF they get big profitable information fast. Our goal is to police Wall Street, financial institutions, investing/trading websites and pro investors/traders. Verified Investing's platform achieves this by tracking and verifying every trade by 1000's of pro traders. All trades are verified using real-time quotes directly from the exchanges. Every trade is then put into a Verified track record and made available to members and the public.


In addition to 100% verified performance stats for every Verified Pro Trader, Verified Investing has done away with the upfront subscription fee model that all other websites & newsletters charge. Verified Investing members' ONLY reward the Verified Trader with a few Dollars IF they get big winning trade information. Not only is it far cheaper for investors than an upfront subscription fee, but it insures investors never pay for bad trades and investment advice.


Verified Investing is an independent 3rd party tracking website and will fight for the rights of average investors. Please Contact Us if you know of a shady website, institution, newsletter or website that should be exposed, or if you know of an amazing pro trader who should be showcased!


Verified Investing is proud to shatter the lies and deceit within the industry, bringing forth total transparency. With total transparency comes the belief that investors should never pay for bad advice, only rewarding pros for profitable trade information.


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