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Verified Investing changes everything when it comes to getting live trades from the best Pro Traders in the world. First, members get access to 1000s of Pro Traders from all over the world. Next, Verified Investing verifies every trade and compiles audited track records for every Pro Trader. This gives members the confidence they are looking at 100% real performance stats when choosing which live trades to take from which Verified Pros. In addition, there is never a subscription fee, Verified Investing is 100% free to join. The only thing members do is simply reward a Verified Pro Trader with a few Dollars IF they get big winning trade information. Think of it like this, we have celebrity Pro Traders from CNBC, hedge fund managers, mutli-millionaire traders and famous gurus that run some of the biggest financial websites in the world. Members need to at least reward them for a job well done! It keeps them motivated to perform at a high level and keep putting out their live trades.


Now compare this to what investors have access to currently. 1000s of individual websites that all charge a subscription fee (usually $100) to gain access to one or two 'pro' traders. Many of them lie about their track records and make crazy claims to get you to signup and pay their subscription fees. They also keep their own performance stats (not kept by a 3rd party tracking website). This is like the fox watching the hen house. In addition, members to these websites have no idea how many trades they will get a month and if they will even get any winners. When it is one trade or ten, whether all losing or not, the member is still out the upfront subscription fee. This is not ethical. A real Pro Trader should only charge a few Dollars and be rewarded IF they give winning trade information. This is what Verified Investing has created. An ethical platform where the great Pro Traders can be rewarded ONLY when they give big winning trade information.

No, you should be very wary of any so called 'pro trader', 'guru' or 'expert' if they are unwilling to verify their trades. Why? Many stock trading websites, investment alert/subscription services fake their track records and promise insane results, all while charging you a subscription fee win or lose upfront. Verified Investing is the only 3rd party independent website that tracks traders from all over the world with real time quotes and a proprietary platform. We compile Verified Track Records so members can trust the performance stats they see. We suggest asking the Pro Traders on other websites why they are not on Verified Investing. What are they hiding or affraid of? At Verified Investing our Pro Traders only get a small fee IF they give big winning trade information. This is the ethical way the financial industry should be run.

Yes, there is NEVER any charge whatsoever for having an account on Verified Investing. In fact, you do not even need to have a credit card on file to be a member of Verified Investing. The only time you would need to add a credit card is if you wanted to opt into a trade alert from a Verified Pro Trader. At that point you need to add one so you can reward the Verified Pro Trader with a few Dollars if they give you big winning trade information. Always keep in mind, these are some of the biggest names in the industry and the best Pro Traders in the world. A small reward for a job well done (giving you big winning trade info) is the least you can do.

Verified Investing spent years developing a proprietary algorithm and platform to track every trade by Pro Traders all over the world. In addition, we use real-time quotes directly from the exchange to track exact entries and exits. This allows Verified Investing as an independent 3rd party website to compile track records and performance stats that can be trusted by investors worldwide.

Verified Investing only shows live trades available to members if they are less than 24 hours old and within pennies of the Verified Traders entry price. Rest assured if the system allows you to click "Get Alert" it a new trade.

Verified Investing makes sure to give all information about the trade and Verified Pro Trader prior to a member clicking *Get Alert* and opting into the trade.  The only relevant data held back is the stock/ETF symbol for obvious reasons. For example, BEFORE you click *Get Alert* a member will see the verified performance stats of the Verified Pro Trader, whether it is a stock or ETF, the price range of the stock/ETF, the market cap, the sector, the 3 month average volume and whether it is a long or a short trade. Verified Investing believes a member can make a fully informed decision on whether the stock/ETF fits their investing style and if they wish to follow the Verified Pro Trader. Remember, these Verified Pro Traders are the best, thus trusting that their trades will predominatly be winners. Let's be honest, if you are following a Verified Pro Trader with an outstanding verified track record, he/she is better than you and they are more likely to pick winning trades.


The reason Verified Investing cannot release the stock/ETF symbol ahead of clicking *Get Alert* is because all members would then be able to take the trade without opting in and would never have to reward a Verified Pro Trader. There would be no reason for Verified Pro Traders to give out their personal trades. Ultimately, Verified Pro Traders need the reward to continue to release their live trades. We think this is a cohesive synergy that works for both parties.

First, we would hope that if information from a Verified Pro Trader made you a ton of money, you would gladly reward the Verified Pro with a few Dollars. Especially, considering there is no reward given for losing information, tiny winning information or winning information that takes too long to play out.


Now let's discuss further...


Verified Investing's model is 1000x better than a subscription swing trading website. Why? Because on a subscription website you are paying upfront without knowing how many trades you will get for the month? what type of trades? will there be any winners? Is their track record even real or did they fake it to sucker you in? Before you even get a trade, you are already on average $100 in the hole. At Verified Investing, we give you verified track records so you can see real results and the style of trading the Verified Pro Trader engages in. This gives you the tools to decide if you should follow him/her. Next, in each live trade alert prior to you clicking *Get Alert*, Verified Investing gives you everything you need to know about the trade. For example, whether it is long or short, what the market cap is, what the price range is, what the sector is. This gives you even more information on whether you want the trade or not. Ultimately, we believe after all of this, you should be able to determine if the trade is for you. Thus, when you do click *Get Alert*, you are obligated to reward a few Dollars to the Pro Trader if it is winning information. We hope you understand how this model is 1000x superior and better for the investing public, plus far more ethical and fair.

Your credit card is never charged unless you choose to opt-into a Verified Trade from a Verified Pro Trader, and then you get big winning trade information quickly. even then, the charge is just a few Dollars. The charge is processed ONLY after the Pro Trader has closed out his trade alert and it has been verified by our platform. Once the Pro Trader closes his trade, the platform calculates the amount of the reward, based on the Verified 'Reward Schedule'. The system then automatically charges your credit card a few Dollars for the big winning trade. See the Verified Pro Trader Reward Schedule HERE


Remember, there is NEVER any other fees/charges. Only when you choose to opt into a live trade and get big winning trade information.

The average Verified Pro Trader closes out a 10% winning trade in just two weeks. The average member makes over $1,000 on this trade and only rewards the Verified Pro Trader $10. This is an amazing ground breaking platform that has members ONLY reward a Verified Pro Trader IF they get big winning trade information quickly. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. There is never a subscription fee to join nor any other fees. It is simple. If a Verified Pro Trader gives you great winning trade information quickly, you reward him. Click Here to see the Reward Schedule for winning trades.

If you are a Premium Member, you get Pro Trader Private Messages. These are one way messages FROM the Verified Pro Trader to YOU. If at anytime the Pro Trader feels there is an important update, they will message everyone who opted into the trade. This will show up on your Dashboard, plus be sent as an email/text alert.

Always assume if there is no Pro Trader Private Message, then there is no update on the position and nothing has changed.

A Premium Membership also includes real-time quotes, real-time gain/loss tracking of your live trades, text message alerts, all Verified Trader open position profit/loss stats and more for just $14.99/month. This just covers our costs.

Get a Premium Membership now

Yes, when you become a Premium Member you can cancel at anytime. Simply click back to the free version. You will still get the remaining time left on your premium month but the subscription will not renew. Remember, the low price of $14.99 simply covers Verified Investings cost of real-time quotes, text message alerts and other costs incurred by verifying 1000s of Pro Traders and running this complex website. We always want to make sure we can provide members and the public with top service.

Verified Investing takes security to the highest level. We do not hold your credit card information on our site, instead the credit card processor holds it. Because these are huge companies, they have the highest level of security as they also hold the credit cards for some of the biggest fortune 500 companies in the world. Verified Investing has no access to your credit card information. We want our members to feel confident in every way possible.

There is NEVER a free charged to your credit card for being a member of Verified Investing. The only time a charge is made to your credit card is if you opt into a live trade from a Verified Pro Trader, and it turns out to be big winning information. Then you simply reward the Verified Pro Trader with a few Dollars based on the Reward Schedule Here. In addition, you have the option to upgrade to a premium account which will get you real time quotes, text message alerts, Pro Trader Private Messages, all Verified Pro open position live profit/loss stats and more for just $14.99/Month.

As of now, Verified Pro Traders can only release stock and ETF trades. However, many members take the amazing trade information they get on a stock or ETF and buy options. This is totally up to the member. In the future, we plan to add all investing/trading vehicles including futures, options, forex..ect.

No, Verified Investing is not a broker. You cannot buy or sell stocks on Verified Investing. Verified Investing is a 3rd party independent tracking website that allows Pro Traders from all over the world to post their live trade information (exact entry prices, stops and targets) and have it verified. Members can join Verified Investing for free and  'opt into' any live trade. Once they get that information from the Verified Pro Trader, members can go to their investment account and act on the information if they wish. 


Remember, the only time members ever reward a Verified Pro Trader is IF they get big winning trade information. In other words, the member pays no subscription fee ever, never rewards a Verified Pro Trader for losing trade information, only rewards them for a job well done!

Verified Investing would never recommend putting all your eggs in one basket (all your investing account in one trade). Even the best Verified Pro Traders on Verified Investing will have losing trades. Instead, we recommend putting 10% or less of your account in each trade alert you opt into. This way you spread risk around and use good money management.


In addition, Verified Pro Traders now show members exactly how much of their account (%) they are putting in a trade. This allows members to mirror them. You will notice, the best Verified Pro Traders rarely put more than 10% of their account in a trade. Believe it or not this is a sign of their maturity as a trader. They understand it is a marathon and not a race. And great Pro Traders can still make 50% or more a year being smart and taking only great trades.

There are a couple reasons why you may not see the live trade on Verified Investing, even seconds after you recieve an email/text alert that one was posted by a Verified Pro Trader you are following.


1. Trades only remain available for opt-in on Verified Investing if they are still pennies within the Verified Pro Traders entry price. This is a security/safety measure put in place for your benefit. Members can only opt-into a trade if it is at/near the Verified Pros entry. These are the Verified best Pro Traders in the world and often they will buy a stock just as its breaking out. It is definitely likely the stock jumped too quickly, thus you will not see it as available for opt-in.


2. Another safety/security measure Verified Investing has created makes it so members are never shown/allowed to opt-into a live trade they already have opted into from another Verified Pro. For example: If you already opted-into AAPL from one Verified Pro, you will not be shown another Verified Pros AAPL trade. This makes it so there is no risk of a member opting-into the same trade over and over again from different Verified Pro Traders. This is another very possible scenario as to why you got an alert for a live trade from a Verified Pro you follow, but when you come to Verified Investing, it is not there.

Anytime you opt into an Untriggered Trade and it expires without triggering, it will be discarded from your Dashboard (you will not see it again). It is as if the trade never existed and obviously, there is never a reward associated with it. Go find a new live trade from a Verified Pro Trader to opt into. Remember, members only reward a Verified Pro Trader IF they get big winning trade information. There is never a subscription fee and no member ever rewards a Verified Pro Trader for losing trade information.

Verified Investing is a 100% independent 3rd party. We use real time data from the exchanges to Verify every trade alert posted by Pro Traders (entry, exit, stop, target). If a Pro Trader enters a trade on our system, the real time price is Verified. If a Pro Trader exits a trade on our system, the real time price is Verified. All closed trades that have been Verified appear on the specific Pro Traders Track Record.

All your trade alerts, past and present are available to view on your Dashboard. Any Triggered Trade Alerts (trade alerts the Pro Trader is still in) will be found under My Triggered Trade Alerts on your Dashboard. Any Untriggered Trade Alerts (trades you opted into but the Pro Trader has not entered) will be found under My Untriggered Trade Alerts. Lastly, any old trade alerts that the Pro Trader has closed out will be found under My Closed Alerts. My Closed Alerts is your Track Record, history of all old trade alerts.

We generally suggest only opting into trades during market hours. This is because during market hours you can take the trade within pennies of the Verified Pro Trader. If you opt into a trade after-hours, it may open significantly higher or lower the next day. This adds risk. While obviously as a member you can do anything you wish, we do warn you there is more risk involved opting into a trade after-hours or pre market.

When you opt into a Trader Alert, you are consenting to pay a small fee for the INFORMATION, regardless of whether you buy or short the stock in your own brokerage account. When you opt into the alert, it is your responsibility and choice to act on the information given. Even if you do not buy/short the stock in your brokerage account, always remember, you only pay a small fee of a few Dollars if it is winning information that happens quickly.

An Untriggered Trade Alert means the Pro Trader is advising to wait to enter the position until it hits his exact price given. Look at it like a limit order that has not hit the entry price yet. Remember, if the Untriggered Alert expires with without Triggering, it is discarded from your Dashboard. There is never a fee associated with Untriggered Alerts. If it triggers, the Trade Alert will appear under My Triggered Alerts on your Dashboard.

A Triggered Trade Alert means the Pro Trader's entry price has been hit and the trade is in play. Think of it like a limit/market order that has filled. The Pro Trader is giving information that it is wise to be in the stock/ETF now! Please remember, you only pay a small Profit Fee of a few Dollars if you get winning trade alert information, quickly from the Pro Trader. See Fee Schedule Here

The Verified Performance Rating is a review of the Pro Trader generated by a proprietary algorithm. Here at Verified Investing we had two choices. The first was to allow members to post reviews about Pro Traders. The main problem with reviews is that 90% of them are fake. Either one disgruntled member posts 20 reviews unfairly bashing the Pro Trader or the Pro Trader posts 20 glowing reviews calling himself the best in the world. Neither are accurate nor helpful. The second choice was to create an unbiased algorithm that took into account FACTS. Verified Investing is a 3rd party independent website that wants the investing world to be 100% transparent. Needless to say we went with the Verified Performance Rating which is unbiased. This Rating is derived from a proprietary calculation which takes into account the keys that show which Pro Traders are truly the best Pro Traders in the world. The Verified Rating factors in performance and win rate over multiple spans of time, but also other important metrics like the amount of followers a Pro Trader accumulates (shows consistency and quality) as well as communication to the public through Market Moving Articles and Pro Trader Chatter. This is the best REAL and UNBIASED rating of any Pro Trader in the world. 

Use the Verified Performance Rating to help select a Pro Trader who fits the criteria you look for, before opting-into their trade alerts.

Verified Investing only allows trade alerts that are less than 24 hours old and within 1% (in the money) or 2% (of of the money) to show up for Users to opt into. This is done to make sure you, the User are getting new trades that have JUST been bought/shorted by the Pro Trader.

At Verified Investing, we created a proprietary system that only allows Untriggered Trade Alerts and Triggered Trade Alerts to show up (be available for opt in) if they are at or very close to the entry price and only for 24 hours after the alert is given. This gives you confidence that when you opt into an alert, it is at or near the entry price. Verified Investing is on the side of investors, we will fight to make sure you have the best chance of profiting from the information given.