Live Swing Trading & Investing: How It Works

At Verified Investing, signup free and gain access to personal live trades from 1000s of Pro Traders. Whether a celebrity trader on CNBC, a guru with a successful website/newsletter, millionaire pro trader from Wall Street or a stock genius with 25,000 followers on Twitter, Verified Investing allows access to their personal live trades with exact entry prices, targets and stops. As an independent 3rd party, we verify every trade and compile track records so members can see verified performance stats. In addition, our aim is to minimize costs for average investors. There is never a subscription fee to be a member, Verified Investing is 100% FREE to join. Instead, members reward a Verified Trader directly with a few Dollars, ONLY IF they get BIG winning trade information. In other words, if a Verified Trader gives you amazing trade information, you reward them with a few Dollars for a job well done!


Check out the Reward Schedule here. With members averaging a profit of over $1,000 on a single winning trade, the reward to the Verified Trader is just $8. No brainer. Sign up now!


5 Simple Steps To Getting Started

1. Find a Live Trade from a Verified Pro Trader that fits your investing style. Use Verified Performance Stats to determine which Verified Pro Traders are the best.

2. Create a FREE account & add your credit card so you can reward the Verified Pro Trader with a few Dollars, ONLY IF you get big winning trade information.

3. Opt Into a live trade by clicking *Get Alert*. Note: Any trade available is within pennies of the Pro Traders entry & less than 24 hours old.

4. Monitor your live trade on your Dashboard. Get live updates via email/text message anytime the Pro Trader updates their trade (exits the trade, updates the stop/target).

5. Only reward the Verified Pro with a few Dollars IF you get big winning trade information quickly, otherwise there is never a fee, EVER! Members reward Verified Pro Traders on average just $8 for a gain of 11.35%.


Did You Know?

Every Pro Trader Has Their Trades Verified and Track Records Audited For Accuracy By Our Real Time Patent Pending Platform.

Did You Know?

Any Trade Alert Available For Opt In is within pennies of the Pro Traders Entry & Less Than 24 Hours Old.

Did You Know?

The Average Verified Investing User Pays $8 For A Profit Of 11.35%. The Average Hedge Fund Return For 2016 is Less Than 3%. 

Did You Know?

The Average Hold Time For Pro Traders is less than 1-2 Weeks. Perfect For Maximizing Returns Year Over Year.

Did You Know?

The Verified Investing Platform Is Already Causing Havoc In The Hedge Fund & Financial Subscriptions Website Industry. Investors No Longer See The Point Of Paying An Upfront Subscription Fee Or The 2% Fee Hedge Funds Charge When They Can Only Pay A Small Reward For Verified Winning Trades.