Evan D.
| September 29, 2017 7:23pm
Generally, I have made great money following the top traders that fit my investing style. The great thing is, when I do not make money, I do not reward them with a penny. The concept is unique and the way it should be. It is also cool that every trader has their trades tracked by verified investing. I do not remember a website I ever subscribed to that did that. It is refreshing. Also, I see new traders posting trades every day. Cool to check back weekly and see who the hot hand is. Bottom line is, while I have not won on every trade, this is the site I believe does IT right!
Stan W.
| August 11, 2017 4:32pm
Absolute best concept I have ever seen. Access tons of Pro Traders. All have verified track records that I can view, I can choose any single trade or multiple trades and get exact entry prices, stops/targets...and it is 100% free. If i make a big score, I reward the pro with a few Dollars. Already banked over $6,000 my first week. What a week!
John P.
| May 20, 2017 5:16pm
I seriously made a huge score in profits last week. I opted-into trades from the top 5 Pro Traders in terms of % gain and literally made over $10K. They nailed the selloff with some beautiful shorts, then covered them...locking in gains. I ended up rewarding the top in total $60 to make over $10K. Best website concept out there!
Jessica M
| April 29, 2017 11:56pm
So cool to be able to see verified track records, choose which pro traders fit your style and know they are legit. Then follow them on 1 trade or 10 trades. Opting-in is free, anytime you get a loser you don't pay a dime. If you get big winning info, like 10% then you reward the Pro with a few Dollars. I have taken 17 trades so far, 14 winners so far averaging 11.26%. On average, I have rewarded the Pro $8.30 per winner. How awesome is that? I am making over $500 per winner, costing me just $8.30. Anyways, Verified Investing is the coolest concept on the web. I bet it sets the standard for investing websites going forward. 5 stars all the way!
James T
| April 28, 2017 3:13pm
Finally a website where Pro Traders can't be shady. Love the 3rd party real-time tracking. Than you!!!! I have been burned by shady sites before and it has not been fun. By the way, love the ability to opt-into to one trade or 10 trades. Gives me the flexibility. And of course, never rewarding the Pro unless I get solid winning info is icing on the cake! I make $1,000, sure I will give the Pro $10 lol. Duh. Thanks!
Andy C
| April 28, 2017 10:45am
Been a member 3 months. Consistently making money and I attribute that to the pros having their trades verified by Verified Investing. Been a member to other websites and most are shady, probably making up 90% of their track record to get you to pay. Here, you choose any single trade, only reward the pro for big winning info with a few Dollars and all the stats are tracked real-time by a 3rd party (VerifiedInvesting). Love the concept. I bet this puts a ton of websites outta biz.
Thomas K.
| April 28, 2017 10:38am
Opted-into my first trade. Already in the money. I love that I only reward the Pro Trader with a few Dollars IF I get big winning info. How come other websites charge upfront subscription fees before they even give a trade? Verified Investing is an amazing idea. A+ from a hardworking investor.
Tracey S.
| April 28, 2017 9:22am
Best concept on the web. I love how easy it is to pick a trade from pros that actually have verified track records. It's great to have access to so many pros on one site as well. And truly the best part is I only reward a pro for the big winners I get. I have opted into 5 trades so far, 4 winners. Only rewarded the Pro on 3 of them (one was too small a winner). I think in total, I made over 4K, and rewarded like $30 for all winners combined. So cool!
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