Trading Rooms

The Verified Investing Apex Live Day Trading Room is one of the longest running live day trade rooms in the world. With nearly 20 years of active trading and thousands of guests benefitting from the experience of watching, listening, learning and trading side by side with our Verified Pro Traders, this is one of the most educational trading experiences you'll find. And with more rooms coming soon, we're sure you'll find the live educational trading opportunity you've been looking for.

Apex Live Day Trading Room

  • Exact entries and exits given on day trades as the verified pros trade.
  • Exceptional discipline, psychology and position management.
  • Live analysis plus screen share allows you to hear and see everything from the pros.
  • Gareth has run this trading room since 2007 showing its success and value.
  • Proprietary tactics, education worth thousands a month is taught.
  • Achieve pro level where you can contribute, post trades and ask questions.