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These are Gareth’s exact trades. When he buys/shorts anything, members get the trade info immediately via email/text alert.

He includes the exact % of his portfolio he invested.

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Gareth’s #1 Goal, Delivering Profits That Beat The Top Hedge Funds

  • A Minimum Of 3 Swing Trades Per Week, Every Week!
  • Exact Entry Price, Stop & Targets Given Real-Time
  • Text & Email Alerts To Get You The Trades Faster!
  • Daily Video Gives Proprietary Insight Into Trades & Market Analysis
  • Education Section with 2 Webinars Monthly

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What Makes Pro Gareth Soloway The Best Trader In The World

Gareth Soloway loves helping any investor who is serious about making money and learning. He has beginners, advanced investors and hedge funds as clients.

Verified Results: All Gareth’s trades are VERIFIED, there is no BS.

Experience: Gareth Soloway has been swing and day trading for over 20+ years.

Longevity: Gareth started in 2007 and has helped his members profit every year!

Stone Cold Trader: Gareth Soloway is never swayed by hype, greed & fear. He uses them to his advantage.

Teacher: Gareth loves to teach, he holds nothing back in his daily videos, members become experts!

Fights For You: Hedge funds would rather have Gareth Soloway to themselves, Gareth says ‘NO WAY!’

Trades It All: Gareth trades stocks, commodities, ETF’s, cryptocurrency. If it has a chart, he trades it!

Only $99.99/Month



The reality of Verified Investing Alerts is that my account is up over 42% this year. I have been part of many services over the last 10+ years and Gareth is 10x better than any. Exact trade entries/exits allow me to hop on every swing trade. I have done over 80 trades in 2020 with him already, maybe 5 losers in all. If you want accuracy, exact entries and profits, this is the one stop shop.

Brett S., April 06, 2020

There is nothing i should say other than these guys rock!! Big thanks to the G-man for helping me kill it while most people are getting crushed. That is what you get when you follow a dude like the Gman who is a pure trading master! dont be stupid people, ITMS is the best thats it. Lots of haters out there, when you are as good as them and around for so long it is bound to bring haters. But if you let those clowns cause you to not join ITMS you are the real clown. Gman is verified… he kills every other fake trader out there!

Zak T, April 02, 2020

Gareth is not scared to step in when everyone else is in panic. That is probably what makes him so profitable. His discipline is amazing. He follows the charts which take emotion out of the equation. Therefore he steps in on stocks collapsing without fear…and makes money 9 of 10 times.… join them and you won’t regret it.

Tim G., April 01, 2020

This type of market is when you see who the real traders are out there. Personally i would have had my butt handed to me if i was trading on my own. Instead, i am now able to day trading in their live day trading room since i am stuck at home, which is great because i can make more money while my income has slowed from my regular job. Also my swing trading/retirement account is higher than it has ever been in my life and I earned 44.67% profit alone in the past 30 days just from following Gareths alerts. This guy is a real amazing trader and anyone would benefit from following him.

Jack P., March 31, 2020
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About Gareth Soloway


Chief Market Strategist Gareth Soloway boasts a Verified Track Record of over 200 swing trades per year with an over 80% success rate (feel free to view all past years of swing trade action to get a feel for what is traded and the profits. Click here). Having started back in 2007, there are no other traders in the industry with this much trusted history.

His longevity speaks for itself. Members often claim life changing results from the PPT Methodology and his trades. Perform better than the top hedge funds in the world when you join Gareth Soloway by signing up for Verified Investing Action Alerts.

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Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

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Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.


Profit More Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Get high throttle swing trade action in small, mid and large cap stocks, ETF’s, commodities, currencies and crypto. In addition, access daily analysis videos using proprietary methods to discuss current trades, market trends, cycles and setups. These videos reveal inside secrets of Wall Street (what is REALLY going on), versus what CNBC will tell you. Understand how to be the first one in the trade ahead of the institutions and gain an edge on when the markets will put in a major cycle top or bottom. Members receive weekly live broadcast giving members a chance to ask their questions and hear live analysis, while viewing Gareth’s live charts. To add even more value, Chief Market Strategist Gareth Soloway does 1 to 2 monthly educational video webinars on technical trading tactics utilized by the top traders in the world. The value of these webinar videos is $500/month, included with your membership!

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