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Introducing our Verified Experts: Seasoned professionals from the financial realm who join us as esteemed guests on our YouTube shows. With their extensive expertise and profound insights, our Verified Experts provide exclusive perspectives, empowering viewers to make informed financial decisions with confidence.

Anthony Georgiades
General Partner @InnovatingCap and Co-founder @PastelNetwork
Ben Cowen
CEO/Founder @ITC_Crypto @ITC_Macro PhD Engineering
Brian Dixon
CEO - Off The Chain Capital
Danielle DiMartino Booth
CEO/Chief Strategist Quill Intelligence, LLC
Danny Baer
Director of Wealth & Asset Management at Meanwhile
David Lin
David Lin Report
E.B. Tucker
Editor of The Tucker Letter
Elisa Covington
8-figure Real Estate Investor & Coach
Gary Cardone
Managing Partner at Card1Digital-Ventures, Chair of Board at NODE40
Jim Wyckoff
Senior Market Analyst at Kitco
Kenneth Suna
Lars Christensen
Founder & Chairman Board of Concordium
Lia Holmgren
Investor, Independent Trader, Trading Psychology Coach. MSc.
Lobo Tiggre
Speculator. Analyst. Author of independent due diligence reports.
Mike McGlone
Senior Macro Strategist - Bloomberg Intelligence
Natalie Brunell
Coin Stories Podcast Host | Your Go-To Source for #Bitcoin
Noah Hamman
CEO/Founder of AdvisorShares Investments
Paul Giordano
Vice President Of Digital Asset Management (nasdaq:mara) at Marathon Digital Holdings
Robert Falco
CEO of Falconium Trading
Ryan Dykmans
Chief Investment Officer at Dunham & Accociates Investment Counsel, Inc.
Scott Melker
Crypto Investor. Ex DJ + Producer. Host The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast & #CryptoTownHall, author The Wolf Den Newsletter.
Solo Ceesay
CEO & Co-Founder of Calaxy
Steve Miller - aka Slim
Financial Show Host Trader/Analyst Speaker
Todd Groth
Head of Research, CoinDesk Indices
Wesley Pryor
Founder at Acheron Trading
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