Doctor B

Emergency Medicine Physician, equities and real estate investor, focuses on equities trading and teaching.

About Doctor B

Doctor B is an Emergency Medicine Physician, equities trader/investor and real estate investor, with domestic and international business experience at a Fortune 500 company. Doctor B earned a degree in finance at Drexel University, completed medical school at PCOM and graduated from Emergency Medicine residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center where he trained under the former president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. After residency, he became a partner in a highly competitive private emergency medicine group practice in Cape Coral, FL. Doctor B recently left clinical practice due to a sports-induced hip injury and joined Verified Investing in Clearwater, FL to focus on equities trading and teaching. Together with Gareth and Ben, he has helped develop a training environment on the live trading floor and began to fine tune his methodologies on the 1 minute charts. Additionally, while utilizing the tenants of the Winning Trader Series, he has developed his own profitable methodology for trading the S&P 500. He will launch his course in 2024.

Prior to medical school he worked at one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). While at GSK he obtained a Six Sigma certification and transitioned to Global Employee health at the Philadelphia headquarters where he worked under the corporate medical director who was responsible for the health and well-being of 100,000+ GSK employees worldwide. Doctor B worked as one of the key members to develop the Global Benefits project, a health insurance project to improve coverage for all GSK employees globally. He was also stationed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for several months where he reported directly to the President of GSK Latin America in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Doctor B is an avid athlete, captain of his high school wrestling team and captain/co-founder of the Drexel Men’s Squash team, which is currently top 10 in the US. He was a 3 sport high school and 2 sport collegiate athlete. One of the highlights of his career was the opportunity to serve as a court side physician in the Rio 2016 Olympics, where he treated Olympic athletes. He and his wife have a passion for investing in Real Estate; he has several years of experience in residential and commercial real estate syndication. He currently lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Kelsey, his son Atlas and labrador retriever, Sedona.

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