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Welcome to Market Pulse with Dr. B, where trading intersects with the precision of emergency medicine. Join Dr. B, a former ER doctor turned full-time trader, as he applies his analytical skills and high-stakes decision-making experience to the financial markets. This unique show is designed to elevate your trading game, whether you're a beginner seeking to grasp the basics or an experienced trader refining your strategies.

In each episode, Dr. B breaks down complex market concepts into digestible lessons, shares insights on reading market signals, and teaches risk management techniques honed in the emergency room—where every second counts. From the fundamentals of stock, crypto, and forex markets to advanced technical analysis and trading psychology, every aspect of trading is explored. "Market Pulse with Dr. B" isn't just another trading show; it's a comprehensive trading education emphasizing the importance of quick thinking, clear analysis, and disciplined decision-making. Subscribe today and join our community of traders dedicated to making informed, strategic moves in the market with Dr. B's expert guidance. Let's dive into the pulse of the market and transform the way you trade!

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