The Winning Trader Series

Pro Trader: Gareth Soloway
Reg. $9,997.00

Keys To The Course

  • Beginner & Advanced Investors: Covers trading setups, patterns and proprietary strategies.
  • Optimized Learning: Progresses sequentially with resources and quizzes.
  • Value-Packed Content: 19 hours of powerful trading insights.
  • Gareth's Success Secrets: Unveils secrets behind Gareth's 80%+ win-rate.
  • Everything He Knows: 25 years of Gareth's knowledge, everything he knows.
  • Game Changer: Psychology, Discipline, Tactics...the complete system.

Discover The Course

Your A-Z Roadmap to Stock & Crypto Trading Mastery

Stop stressing and start winning! This powerful 3-part trading course series provides you access to Gareth Soloway's turnkey system for finding, evaluating, and profiting from trades on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis using master-level technical analysis. No emotion, no hype — just pure chart setups and probabilities.

Who is the Trading Course For?

Whether you're venturing into trading for the first time or refining advanced strategies, our course is designed to cater to all levels. Beginners find clarity through user-friendly resources, while advanced traders delve into sophisticated analytics and real-time insights. Join our trading course for a learning experience that adapts to your unique journey!

Course Overview

Learn how Gareth Soloway went from nothing to making MILLIONS trading stocks, crypto, forex, and commodities — and how you can do it, too!

Strategies of a winning reader

Course 1: Strategies of a Winning Trader

Whether you have never purchased stocks or crypto, or you are an experienced trader looking for the missing components to your trading plan, this first trading course in The Winning Trader Series lays the foundation for your trading success.Strategies of a Winning Trader is an essential part of your journey to becoming a master trader and learning how to profit for life.

What You'll Learn:

  • Getting Started: Beginners will learn the fundamentals of trading crypto and stocks with Gareth Soloway, gaining a solid foundation to begin their trading journey.
  • Enhancing Expertise for Seasoned Traders: Seasoned traders will uncover vital elements to fortify their trading skills in The Winning Trader Series, filling in any knowledge gaps and further honing their proficiency in the market.
  • Road Map to Successful Trades: Gareth provides a start-to-finish road map for successful trades applicable to any market conditions, with a particular focus on stock and crypto swing trading.
  • Bear and Bull Market Strategies: Traders will learn profit multiplier strategies for both bear and bull markets, crucial knowledge for navigating diverse market conditions.
  • Foundational Skills and Mindset: The course covers the strategies and rules of a winning trader, including the 10% Rule, planning the first trade, being prepared for any scenario, and developing a winning mindset. Additionally, students will gain insights into trend identification, support and resistance, chart reading, and essential trading skills such as candlestick patterns, moving averages, Fibonacci lines, volume analysis, and market sentiment indicators.
Setups of a winning trader

Course 2: Setups of a Winning Trader

In this pivotal next trading course in The Winning Trader Series, take a deep dive as master trader, Gareth Soloway, navigates the advanced chart patterns and candlestick patterns that hold Your Fast-Pass to identifying and timing profitable trades in any market — including stocks, crypto, commodities, forex, and more! In Setups of a Winning Trader, you will gain access to Gareth's next-level criteria for avoiding common trading traps and finding and evaluating high-probability chart setups, so you can advance on your journey to becoming a master trader.

What You'll Learn:

  • Advanced Setup Identification: Develop expertise in recognizing and utilizing advanced setups, including high-reward patterns, gap fills, and candlestick formations for profitable trading.
  • Chart Angles Insight: Gain insights into interpreting chart angles to effectively identify and capitalize on setup opportunities in diverse markets.
  • Key Entry and Exit Setups: Explore Gareth's key setups for entering and exiting trades, enhancing precision in executing well-timed and profitable transactions.
  • Profitable Pattern Setups: Master the art of identifying profitable chart patterns, such as bull and bear flags, head and shoulders, cup and handle formations, contributing to increased profitability.
  • Market-Adaptable Setups: Learn setups tailored for bull and bear market conditions, ensuring your ability to thrive in different market scenarios.
Secrets of a winning trader

Course 3: Secrets of a Winning Trader

In this monumental, most advanced course in The Winning Trader Series, you'll gain full insight and learn all of the secrets behind Gareth's personal trading strategy that has led him to be one of the most well-respected investors, chart technicians, forecasters, and traders in the world. Secrets of a Winning Trader is the only course that fully spells out exactly what Gareth uses to consistently grow his portfolio week-after-week and month-after-month, in any market conditions. And now, for the first time ever, you can have access to the ultimate secret ingredients to his remarkable success!

What You'll Learn:

  • Secrets of a High Win-Rate: Unlock the ultimate secrets behind Gareth's personal trading strategy, responsible for his proven 80+% win-rate and two decades of profitable trading across diverse markets.
  • Chart-Driven Focus: Discover the art of ignoring hype, news, and social media noise, and instead, focus purely on the truth revealed in the charts to make informed trading decisions.
  • Exclusive Strategies and Methodologies: Gain access to Gareth's exclusive strategies, including the Confirmation Signal and Tail Theory, along with other crucial methodologies that form the foundation of his extreme trading success.
  • Flag Transition Identification: Learn how to identify critical moments when a potential Bull Flag transforms into a Bear Flag and vice versa, safeguarding your trading account from adverse market movements.
  • Real Profits through Technical Analysis: Understand the tangible profits derived from strong technical analysis and gain the confidence to apply these principles, empowering you to achieve success in the markets.