About Verified Investing

Our Mission

To be the most trusted website in financial news and investing education on the internet. The Verified brand stands for the utmost quality in all aspects of financial literacy in all asset classes.

Verified Investing was formed to fill the void in the online financial arena where too many retail investors and traders get influenced with hype and get caught up in FOMO and FUD. Verified Investing is a fact based, data driven company where the best investment pros in the world join forces to deliver the best products and services available.

VI Help

Verified Investing is not one person, it is about the best investment experts coming together to help those in need achieve their goals of financial independence.

VI News

Verified Investing caters to the new-age investor looking for news, data and education that is not only top level, but delivered in quick, digestible formats.

Become Verified Pro

To become a Verified Pro, there is a rigorous vetting period to make sure they fit within our goal of delivering trustworthy information to our viewers and members.

We, at Verified Investing will always go the extra mile for those truly looking to become financially independent.