Smart Money: Commodities & Miners

Pro Trader: Gareth Soloway

Keys To The Service

  • Real-time trade signal alerts with exact entry and exit.
  • Three proprietary analysis videos per week covering commodities and miners.
  • Learn technical analysis and proprietary techniques.
  • Total transparency with Gareth's real portfolio of positions.
  • Benefit from technical and cycle analysis for both long-term and swing trades.
  • Trade ETFs and large/mid cap miners listed on US exchanges with expert guidance.

Discover The Service

Join Master Trader Gareth Soloway as he swing trades and invests in commodities (via ETF) and miners (large and mid cap on US exchanges). He will be analyzing chart levels, cycles, pivots, macro trends and more in three videos posted per week (generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday). These 10-20 minute videos will give you exclusive technical and proprietary analysis on the commodities and miners. Get cycle dates, pivots, reversal, bottom and top signals that are usually reserved for the top institutions.

Commodities covered will include but not be limited to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, uranium, oil, natural gas, gasoline, cocoa, corn, wheat and more.

Gareth will post his exact entry and exits in a portfolio exclusively dedicated to Smart Money Commodities and Miners. Master Trader Gareth Soloway will be trading miners listed on US exchanges and ETF’s that track all commodities.

While the service is dedicated mainly to swing trading, Gareth may hold long-term positions in the portfolio depending on his macro outlook. There is total transparency from his account and the best analysis for investors looking to dominate the commodity markets.

Assets Within The Service

  • Trade Signal Alerts With Exact Entry and Exits
  • Exclusive Portfolio Of Trades With Portfolio Size
  • 3 Analysis Videos Per Week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • App and Email Alerts Within Seconds
  • Technical Analysis, Cycle Analysis, Proprietary Analysis
  • Long-term Positions + Short Term Swing Trades
  • Commodity ETF’s & Large/Mid Cap Miners Traded (US Listed)

Portolio Stats

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Smart Money Commodities & Miners launched on April 1st, 2024.