Traders Edge - Crypto

Keys To The Service

  • Comprehensive analysis & exclusive alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Alt Coins by Pro Trader Paul Sampson.
  • Daily chart setups & analysis for day trades, swing trades, and long-term investments.
  • Utilize Paul's modern range trading strategy based on volume for a market edge.
  • Two member-only market update videos every Monday and Thursday.
  • Focus on altcoins & specific entry/exit points for optimal trading.
  • Transparency with insights from Paul's trades & portfolio for dominating the crypto markets.

Discover The Service

With almost 10 years of Trading Experience in the Crypto Market, join Pro Trader Paul Sampson as he provides comprehensive analysis and exclusive alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Alt Coins. Gain access to daily chart setups and written analysis covering day trade opportunities, swing trades, and long-term investment prospects. Paul utilizes a modern strategy known as range trading based on volume that will allow a certain EDGE in the market.

As a member, you'll receive two exclusive member-only market update videos every Monday and Wednesday, where Paul breaks down everything happening in the crypto market. From altcoin opportunities to daily Bitcoin and Ethereum analysis, Paul will keep you informed and equipped with the knowledge you need extract capital from the market daily.

With a major focus on altcoins, Paul offers insights and trade signals backed by thorough research and analysis. Take advantage of specific entry and exit points to optimize your trading strategy and profitability.

Just like Master Trader Gareth Soloway, Paul is committed to transparency, sharing insights from his trades and portfolio, providing the best analysis for investors seeking to dominate the crypto markets.

Assets Within The Service

  • Trade Signal Alerts
  • Posted Chart Analysis with entry and targets
  • 2 Analysis Videos Per Week - Monday & Thursday
  • Daily fundamental analysis
  • Technical Analysis Range Data Based on Volume
  • Day Trades, Swing Trades, and Long Term Setups
  • Large Cap / Mid Cap / and Small Cap analysis

Reviews and Testimonials

Natalie L.
Date: 03/22/2024
I joined Paul ’s group in 2020 when I started my crypto journey and I am still in his group today! I have become a smarter investor , learning how to read the charts for the short term and do the research into the projects that are good investments for the mid to long term. His knowledge of altcoins and his set ups are always on point! It's been an incredible journey to get from where I was to where I am now and I have Paul to thank for it!
Travis B.
Date: 03/08/2024
I knew nothing about crypto in early 2021 until I came across a live TikTok of Paul going over some crypto charts. The clean charts and the way he explained what he was seeing in the charts had me hooked. I then joined his group and have learned so much about crypto and how to chart. He is so good with his alt coin set ups and me and several other members have been very successful in taking so many trades just because of his setups. He has also done a great job at teaching and explaining TA so we all can become self sufficient traders.
Dan T.
Date: 03/01/2024
I feel lucky to have stumbled over Paul ’s socials in early 2019. I have followed him closely ever since. From his trade set ups to his risk management advice, I have always respected his knowledge of the markets. He is one of the few in the industry that is honest, knowledgeable and cares if his followers win in the long run.
Marc K.
Date: 02/08/2024
Met Paul as a Tic Toc creator a few years back. I was lucky enough to follow and belong to his trading group. Paul has grown so much right before my eyes. Paul is always adapting and is honest and straightforward. He is easy to follow and even easier to like. I have done well by adhering to his expertise in trading. Without a doubt in my mind and many others Paul is at the top of his game. Follow along you won’t be disappointed!
Billy D.
Date: 01/04/2024
I've been following Paul for a couple years now, he was one of the foundational architects of my trading philosophy & success