Earnings Trader

Pro Traders: Benjamin Pool, Doctor B

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Earnings Trader

Keys To The Service

  • Live Earnings Trading Room: Access a live trading room where Dr. B and Ben will be LIVE trading major earnings releases.
  • Weekly Charts: Receive key technical levels for major companies reporting earnings, preparing you for immediate trade decisions.
  • Monday Q&A: Join our weekly members-only session to ask questions and discuss trading strategies for the upcoming earnings week.
  • Profit from Volatility: Learn market mechanics and strategies to maximize your profits during earnings season in the live Q&A sessions.

Discover The Service

Earnings season can be challenging and confusing for most given the volatility often seen during earnings season. Stocks can move 10, 20 or 30% in minutes on big earnings beats, misses, revenue changes and updated guidance that catches Wall Street off guard. The Earnings Trader will equip you to trade with laser focus using pre-defined support and resistance levels on easy-to-understand charts.

What You'll Learn

  • Market Mechanics Knowledge: Understand how the market behaves during earnings releases.
  • Liquidity Awareness: Master how liquidity impacts trading during these periods.
  • Trading Strategies: Learn specific entry and exit points to maximize your profits.

What we provide:

  • Trade During Earnings Live: Join Pro Traders Benjamin Pool and Doctor B. for every major earnings announcement. These will be announced ahead of time every Friday for the following week. We will only be trading the major earnings such as AAPL, NVDA, META, etc. Trade live alongside our pros and experience their strategies in real time, as they guide you through the excitement of earnings season!
  • Weekly Key Levels Charts: Identify critical support and resistance levels on major earnings reports before the week starts. Make informed decisions during pre-market and post-market trading
  • Elite Trading Strategies: Gain exclusive insights into our proven methods for profiting from earnings volatility.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions (Mondays, 11:30 AM): Get answers to your burning questions about upcoming earnings and learn our trading game plan for the week's charts.

Earnings season can be a time of wild swings, with stocks potentially moving 10-30% in minutes. By understanding key levels, liquidity changes, and strategic entry/exit points, you can capitalize on these opportunities. Double-digit movements often involve temporary pullbacks or bounces at specific points, creating quick profit potential.

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