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U-6 Unemployment Keeps Rising

Updated: May 06, 2024 | Published: Apr 27, 2024
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US Economic Metrics: U-6 Unemployment Keeps Rising

While the Unemployment Rate remains near-historic lows, the U-6 Unemployment rate has been rising for nearly 18 months.

U-6 unemployment are people that are under-employed. This means a workers hours were cut to part-time from full-time or an unemployed person could only find part-time work while looking for full-time work.

Every previous recession period, the U-6 unemployment report has climbed for 12-18 months, even as the overall unemployment rate has remains low.

Investors need to be on high alert that this may signal a coming recession. Add in higher inflation and a shockingly low GDP reading, the economy may be in for a bumpy ride in the coming months and years.