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Jobless Claims Spike To Levels Not Seen Since August 2023

Updated: May 13, 2024 | Published: May 11, 2024
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By Verified Investing
Jobless Claims Spike To Levels Not Seen Since August 2023

Concerning economic data continues to hit as initial claims for unemployment (jobless claims) jumped 20,000 to 231,000 in a one week span. The prior 4 week average was 211,000. While this spike could be an anomaly, recent data on GDP and non-farm payrolls suggest it is a change in trend.

If people filing for unemployment are truly spiking, it suggests a move towards a weaker economy and possible recession. The key is to watch how fast initial claims climb. Do they slowly move towards 250,000 over the next few months? This would suggest a soft landing scenario. Or do they spike within weeks above 250,000 which could suggest a hard landing.

Using technical analysis on the chart of initial claims for unemployment, a breakout has occurred. Breakouts on charts are seldom slow, they usually explode higher. This may suggest a steep rise in initial claims.

The 231,000 initial claims number is the highest since August 2023.

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