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Verified Investing would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Key Opinion Leader and educator in the world of financial literacy and investment strategies. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider the possibility of onboarding as one of our YouTube show sponsors.

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About Us

With a dedicated following of over 570K followers across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Verified Investing is recognized as a leading Key Opinion Leader and educator in financial literacy and investment strategies. Our audience consists of aspiring and enthusiastic investors eager to learn and grow in their financial journey.

Our Mission

  • Democratize financial literacy and empower individuals of all backgrounds
  • Partner with reliable brands to amplify our message

Why Partner With Us?

Connect with a highly engaged audience actively seeking financial knowledge. We offer multiple avenues to showcase your brand.

  • Custom Commercials: Weekly airtime during live programs.
  • Dedicated Landing Pages: Brand-specific pages with affiliate links.
  • Sponsor Spotlights: Regular email newsletters to our subscribers.
  • Community Platform: Dedicated space for brand interaction through sponsorgenerated posts.
  • Wheel of Appreciation: Potential for daily brand mentions through sponsored giveaways.
  • Tailored Approach: We are open to exploring additional creative

How Much Does It Cost?

Per Month

What You'll Get:

  • Custom commercial created by VI
  • Commercial airs once per week on GamePlan
  • Dedicated section on sponsors page of Main VI Website
  • Dedicated space on VI member dashboard
  • Inclusion in monthly featured sponsors newsletter
  • Regular unscheduled mentions in shows or on social media
  • *Participation in prize wheel at sponsor's discretion
Per Month

What You'll Get:

  • Everything from $10k/Monthly Package
  • 1 dedicated post per weekday
  • Shout out during at least one session of the Apex Live Day Trading Room per week.
Per Month

What You'll Get:

  • Everything from $25k/Monthly Package
  • 1 Additional dedicated post per weekday
  • Additional commercial slots to include every episode of Verified Game Plan and Trading The Close.
  • Shout out during every session of the Apex Live Day Trading Room; also branded position of the daily break screen between morning and the afternoon sessions.
One Time Payment

What You'll Get:

  • Custom long form commercial (90 sec to 120 sec) produced by VI and aired a minimum of 3 times on top tier YouTube shows
  • Dedicated call outs on Verified Game Plan (3x in one week) and Trading The Close (4x in one week)
  • Custom social campaign featuring your brand
  • Featured position in newsletter sent to all members of VI mailing List
  • Shout out during at least one session of the Apex Live Day Trading Room.
Beyond The Standard

Beyond The Standard

We go beyond standard sponsor recognition, fostering an interactive experience that allows your brand to directly connect with our audience.

Our innovative "Wheel of Appreciation" offers high-frequency brand mentions and potential for showcasing your company unique value proposition.

Invitation To Collaboration

Invitation To Collaboration

We invite you to explore the possibilities of a mutually beneficial partnership. We are open to discuss your specific needs and tailor our approach to effectively reach your target audience.

Connect With Us

Connect With Us

We are eager to discuss how Verified Investing and your company can collaborate to empower individuals on their financial journeys. Please feel free to schedule a call at your earliest convenience.

Become Our Sponsors

Unlock exclusive opportunities as a sponsor of Verified Investing. Benefit from tailored packages featuring prominent logo placement and direct engagement with our diverse audience. Make a lasting impact and elevate your brand while gaining valuable exposure.

Why Sponsor With Us?

  1. Multi-Channel Marketing Impact:
    Broaden your reach across our website, shows, and landing page—an integrated approach for comprehensive visibility. Engage potential investors through diverse touchpoints for maximum impact.
  2. Spotlight on Popular Verified Investing Shows:
    Showcase your brand on popular Verified Investing shows with a wide following. Connect with a targeted audience seeking financial insights, presenting an opportunity to engage with potential investors and enthusiasts on influential platforms.
  3. Trusted Platform Recognition:
    Leverage our verified investing platform's credibility. As a sponsor, associate your brand with a trusted source of financial information, reinforcing credibility and fostering trust among investors and stakeholders.