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Empower Your Financial Future: Celebrate Investor Empowerment Day!

Investor Empowerment Day is your chance to celebrate the power you hold as a retail investor. It's a day dedicated to recognizing your ability to take charge of your financial future and achieve your investment goals. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this day is for YOU.

It's a day to connect with a supportive community of fellow investors and learn from industry experts. Let's celebrate the power of individual investors and take control of our financial destinies together!

Event Highlight

Supercharge Your Trading Day

Pre Market Analysis

Premarket Analysis

Start your day with insightful premarket analysis on crypto, stocks, and commodities from our chief market strategist, Gareth Soloway. Get ahead of the market with expert insights and strategies.

Gareth Trading Room

Gareth Trading Live

Experience the excitement of live day trading with Gareth Soloway. Join our Live Day Trading room, a service normally behind a paywall, and get real-time day trade signals and analysis. Trade alongside Gareth and see the strategies in action. All of this will be available for free, exclusively on our website!

Q and A Session

Q&A Session

Ask Gareth and our traders any burning questions you’ve had! Want us to look at a chart? Want to know more about the mindset it takes to become a successful trader? Ask away in our Live Chat!

Messages From The Pros

Messages from Influential Traders and Surprise Guests

Hear from members of the Verified Investing trading team and other big names in the retail investing space. They will share their experiences, insights, and messages to inspire and empower you on your investing journey.

Share Your Story
Inspire Everyone

Share Your Story

Investor Empowerment Day is all about celebrating the power of individual investors. What's your story? How have you taken charge of your financial future and achieved success (or learned valuable lessons) through investing? Share your journey and inspire others by filling out the form. Selected stories may be featured on our website and social media in the lead-up to Investor Empowerment Day!

Let's make Investor Empowerment Day a trend! Share your stories, insights, and experiences using the hashtag #investorempowermentday. Invite your friends, family, and fellow investors to join the movement and empower themselves with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the market.

Celebrate Your Investor Power! Join Us for Investor Empowerment Day!

Mark your calendars for July 15th, 2024!