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Rent Inflation Outpacing Income Heavily Since 1980

Updated: Jun 09, 2024 | Published: Jun 09, 2024
Verified Investing
By Verified Investing
Rent Inflation Outpacing Income Heavily Since 1980

While buying a home is ridiculously expensive, renting is not much better. Rents are up 426.58% since 1980. That compares to a gain in household income of 267.96% from 1980 to 2024.

These numbers put incredible strain on renters who are already paying an excessive amount for things like car insurance, home insurance, food and energy. Essentially, the average person is being bled dry.

Think about it like this, 1 in 8 Americans do not have enough cash reserves to cover a $2,000 emergency. Half of Americans have no retirement savings at all. Social security, something that every American pays into will be out of money by 2035

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