Smart Money: Crypto

Pro Trader: Gareth Soloway

Keys To The Service

  • Track Record: Over 95% success rate on trade signals
  • Real-Time Alerts: Exact trade entry and exits sent to your phone via app.
  • Exclusive Content: Access ongoing technical analysis videos offering expert guidance and insights.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Dive deep into cryptocurrency charts, cycles, price movements, and patterns.
  • Uncover high-probability trade setups: for the top 50 market cap coins.
  • Profit in bull and bear markets: outpacing buy and hold without the stress.

Discover The Service

Run by Master Trader Gareth Soloway, Smart Money Trade Alerts leverages the volatility in the crypto markets to increase profits. Utilizing both long and short crypto trade signals, Gareth focuses on technical analysis and proprietary techniques developed over 25 years of trading.

  • Trading Philosophy: Gareth believes in maintaining a long-term crypto portfolio with assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with select altcoins. However, he also sees the potential for additional profits by capitalizing on major market fluctuations. Why only make money in a bull market when profits can be generated in bear markets as well? Regular corrections of 10-30% on Bitcoin and altcoins provide swing traders opportunities to profit from dips. Be long for the upswings and short for the downturns.

  • Swing Trading with Confidence: Dive into the world of cryptocurrency swing trading with confidence through Master Trader Gareth Soloway's meticulously curated Smart Money Trade Alerts - Crypto. This service offers a seamless experience, delivering hand-picked crypto trade alerts directly to your phone, ensuring you never miss out on lucrative opportunities. Check out his track record below for a glimpse into his success.

  • Exclusive Access to Ongoing Videos: But that's not all! Gain exclusive access to Gareth's ongoing videos, where you'll receive expert guidance, in-depth technical analysis, and invaluable educational insights. Say goodbye to the stress of random crypto flushes and bear markets! Gareth's videos are packed with actionable content, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of current cryptocurrency charts, cycles, price movements, patterns, and time factors.

  • High-Probability Trade Setups: Uncover high-probability trade setups for the top 50 market cap coins, empowering you to make informed decisions and elevate your crypto trading game.

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What Will You Get From Smart Money Crypto Trade Alerts:

  • Hand-Picked Trade Alerts! With an over 95% Winning trade record (and counting!), don't let another day go by without joining our winning members for hand-picked crypto buy and sell alerts sent to your phone and email from Master Trader, Gareth Soloway!
  • Technical Analysis Video Access our ongoing technical analysis videos filled with actionable content on current cryptocurrency charts, cycles, price, patterns, and time factors that reveal high probability crypto trade setups for top 10 market cap coins!

Portolio Stats

Trade Alert Record
Win Rate
Average Profit Per Trade
Portfolio Return*
Smart Money Crypto Trade Alerts - Closed Positions
Crypto Long/Short Entry Date Average Entry Price Exit Price Exit Date Profit %
* Portfolio returns are based on a conservative average portfolio allocation of 8% per swing trade.